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We need God. We need each other. Yet we are blocked from one another many times by shame, the fear that if you really knew me, you would leave me, or think badly of me. Sometimes this is true and we do need wisdom for with whom we share. On the ultimate level it doesn’t matter what they think. Jesus died for us while we were in our worst condition. He knows us and loves us still. But we need to also risk more transparency with each other to drive out the lie that we are the only ones suffering, or addicted or in a hard marriage or failing somehow. It’s our weaknesses and bad parts that need the most love. Also highlighting only our ‘best side’ isn’t always what brings healing to the broken heart.

I’ve made an attempt at airing out some pain in along with God’s promise of victory in the words of these songs and hope that you find a fellow traveler who believes in you and who laughs or sobs along side you as we press on to freedom.

- Rick David

Thy Kingdom Come

Special thanks to Rhonda David for singing lead, with Maria Pasio and Caroline Hobbs on background, Joe Delia for lead guitar, Jennifer Blok on oboe (The Whisper) producer / engineer / musician Dr. Joseph LoPresti who brought the music to life and thanks to Jimmy Mac for additional engineering, musicianship and recording. Songs written by Rick David, Music by Joe Lopresti and Rick David.

May the Lord answer you when you are in distress; may the name of the God of Jacob protect you.

Psalm 20:1

photo taken in cemetery after outreach. Joe lopresti, rhonda david, lori beving, rick david, joe delia

photo taken in cemetery after outreach. Joe lopresti, rhonda david, lori beving, rick david, joe delia


Deep emotion and prophetic soundscapes in the persistent raw seeking of God inch by bloody inch. .

Special thanks to Producer / Engineer David Dengler who is a master of sound and our vocalists Eileen Thorgusen and Maria Pasio who angelically harmonize the song of the redeemed.

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I believe we are on the threshold of a massive outpouring of God's Spirit. In the Gospels, it was mostly the needy, broken, poor and outcast who welcomed Him. It was mostly the religious who rejected him. I expect a similar scenario every time God moves in power. I’m hoping I can recognize what He’s doing, and be a part, since along with my soft side, I can also be self-righteous and hard-hearted. As the world gets darker, and His outreach brighter with signs following, let’s all be counted among the broken who will be clamoring and splashing in His freedom, deliverance, healing and salvation… in the mighty name of Jesus!

His Sheep Hear His Voice John 10.

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